Table of Portfolio Investments

A selection of our portfolio companies, both past and present, is displayed here.

Binx has developed a point-of-care diagnostic testing platform to detect chlamydia and gonorrhea. As well as producing the test equipment, Binx provides an online service for patients that includes testing, counselling, treatment, and follow-up.

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Conjunct’s Fibre-Lyte product is an innovative Optical Sub-Assembly technology that is used in ultra-high speed data communications and supercomputing. The technology is designed to be used in harsh or safety critical conditions and applications that demand the highest performance at data rates of 25Gbps, 50Gbps and beyond.

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Design LED Products has developed and patented technology to embed Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in printed light-guide devices. This allows them to create thin, flexible, high-efficiency light panels and displays suitable for a range of applications from consumer electronic devices to large area LED lighting and LCD TV backlighting.

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Dimensional Imaging provides 3D and 4D image capture systems to the entertainment, medical and other industries. The company’s 4D system offers world-leading facial performance capture. It has been used around the world on award-winning gaming and movie projects.

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EctoPharma is virtual pharmaceutical company. It focuses on commercialising patented technologies by developing new medicines which address unmet therapeutic needs in major markets.  The company is currently conducting R&D work into a novel gene therapy which may have the potential to help treat several forms of cancer.

NiTech Solutions is a leading authority on the continuous processing of chemicals. Its unique patented reactors and crystallisers are transforming the manufacture of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and drink, and biotechnology.

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Pyreos has developed a patented thin-film pyro-electric ceramic technology for use in a new range of infra-red sensor products. The technology is used in high-value applications such as motion detectors, gas detection, spectroscopy and infra-red cameras.

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With its sister company Nanogenics Ltd., Ryboquin focuses on commercialising patented intellectual property relating to the delivery of gene therapy, primarily to cancer patients. The company hopes to make advances in the safe, effective and regular dosing of all forms of gene therapy so that  chemotherapy  becomes four times more effective than it is currently.

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Traak is a data science company that provides real-time predictive analytics solutions for the Smart Mobility and logistics market. It has developed a powerful analytics platform and dynamic dashboard visualisations.

Vascular Flow Technologies (VFT) is an ISO 13485 Medical Device Development company with unique insight and expertise in pre-clinical development and testing. VFT developed and patented a novel Spiral Laminar Flow™ vascular implant technology which restores the natural pattern of blood flow.

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